Kay Warren, LMBT #6258
Medical & Orthopedic Massage

Specials & Referrals

Referral Program -

For each client you send me, I send you a coupon. You can use the coupon on your next massage, or you can save them up, your choice. For each client who gets a 1/2 hour massage, and lists you as the person who referred them, you get a $10 coupon, for a 1 hour massage, you get a $20 coupon.




Legal Disclaimer

I am a Massage Therapist of more than 28 years experience. I did my EFT training in 2004, and finished my Hypnosis Certification in 2005. I am not a Medical Doctor, or a Psychologist of any sort. Massage Therapy, Hypnosis, and EFT are considered "Complementary Care" and are not designed to replace competent medical or mental health care. You are encouraged to speak to your preferred medical or mental health professional regarding the use of Massage Therapy, Hypnosis, or EFT. Under no circumstances (other than significant allergic reactions) should you change medications or alter dosages without consulting the professional who prescribed them.